This is your opportunity to have your story heard and get clarity on your next steps.

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Be Heard. Get Direction. Enjoy Health.

Hi, I'm Dr. Aliya. As you may know, I don't believe in any illness being a life sentence. Whatever your ailment, I will guide you to better health.

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My invitation to help you

This amazing 60 minutes is all about YOU! 🙌

I listen to your health story and learn what your health goals are.

I use a comprehensive approach at understanding your system through Body, Energy, Mind, and Emotion.

Once I have fully heard and understood your needs, I create a plan of immediate next steps to get your health back on track.

My background in western and eastern medical science, along with functional medicine and other integrative approaches, helps to shape the plan that I create uniquely for you.

Pretty cool, right!

In addition, I may also make suggestions for further investigations, provide educational resources, and recommend other providers in the community for your needs.

I love this service, because it really gives you clear direction on your health goals, and the steps to achieving them.

I’m so delighted to be offering this to you and helping you get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dr. Aliya be my GP or Family Doctor?

As this is not a medical clinic, Dr. Aliya is not acting in her capacity as a medical doctor and does not provide primary medical care.

She is acting in the role of a certified functional medicine practitioner in this practice.

Is Functional Medicine covered by MSP?

Our services are private-pay and not covered by MSP or private health insurance.

Are your services tax deductible?

As a professional service, the tax deductability is determined by your accountant.

What are your service policies?

Services are subject to change or removal without notice.