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Commonly Asked Questions

Will Dr. Aliya be my GP of Family Doctor?

While Dr. Aliya is not your GP in this practice, she is a key member of your health care team, with our PBMT Consultations and our Functional Medicine Consultations.

Are your services covered by MSP or private insurance?

Our services are not covered by MSP.  We are happy to provide a receipt which you may submit to your private insurance carrier.

What conditions can PBMT help with?

As the function of PBMT is to improve the energy production of each cell, ultimately every ailment can be helped by this therapy, both acute and chronic in nature.

The following is a short (not exhaustive) list of example conditions:

  • Musculoskeletal – Muscle, joint, bone, tendon injury and pain. Traumatic brain injury including concussion and whiplash. Neck and back pain. Stiffness and swelling. Post-exercise muscle recovery.
  • Skin and hair – wounds, hair loss and multiple dermatological conditions.
  • Nerve – Diminished motor and sensory function, including symptoms of burning, tingling, numbness, pain and fatigue.
  • Oral – Dental and mucousitis: painful tongue, cheeks and dryness.
  • Inflammation – specific and localized; acute and chronic.